Remembering Memories

This morning I was reminded in my devotional reading that our Christmas carols aren’t just songs to sing because we like them. The communicate truth from the events of Christ’s first Advent … and they help us to remember that the things of this world is not what our lives are all about. They cause … [Read more…]

Seeing the Lord in Traffic


   We arrived in Port au Prince on Thursday, September 24 to begin our first term as missionaries. Forty-two boxes and tubs made their way out to the waiting truck in the noontime sunshine. The day that we had waited two long years for had finally arrived!  While we have only been here just over … [Read more…]

Above and Below, Before and Behind

Time and time again over the past year, we have had conversations with people who wonder about the way that the Wesleyan Church has decided to mobilize its missionaries — placing the onus for raising money on us, instead of through the denomination. It was intimidating to see our budget when we began … and … [Read more…]

Oh … the Missionary Life

It’s probably about time that I (Ray) sit down and share a little more about what’s going on in our journey towards Haiti … the eight of you who read the blog probably already know, but this is for posterity. If you don’t know much about our journey, it’s probably because you don’t subscribe to … [Read more…]

On paring down the house …

We’ve had a busy season around the Selden house. The last few weeks were filled with travel and meetings. There have been several activities, including a visit to Shea’s Theatre for Phantom of the Opera! What a great opportunity to spend an evening as a family. We even got a chance to see my (Ray) horn … [Read more…]

The 12th Man

The 12th Man Support is the key to any ministry … Most who read this newsletter know that I (Ray) am a huge Buffalo Bills fan. In fact, right after hunting, the toughest thing for me to give up by going to Haiti is watching the Bills on a Sunday afternoon in the fall. It may … [Read more…]


Unfortunately, we had some hackers ruin our site this week … and it’s gone. I’ll be getting information back up here as I can re-create it.